Family Law

Divorce – Dissolution of Marriage is the legal term for Divorce.  At Tennison & Soberon-Llort, P.L., we help our clients who are going through this particularly difficult and emotional time in their lives by listening to their needs.  Our attorneys navigate their clients through the legal process of dividing marital property, establishing time-sharing (custody) of minor children, as well as spousal support (alimony) and child support.  Our hope is to resolve these matters amicably, but we realize that it cannot always occur, and so we are prepared to zealously protect our client’s rights and protect their interests.

Child Support – There have been important changes in the laws governing child support in Florida in recent years. Our attorneys keep up to date with them to properly advise our clients on their cases.

Timesharing/Child Custody – Whether it’s establishing a visitation schedule and parenting plan, or modifying an existing one, we are happy to help our clients who want to make sure they are meaningfully involved in their children’s lives.   Florida law provides that both parents should be involved in a child’s life, unless it is not in the child’s best interest.  If you are not being allowed access to your child, it is important that you speak to an experienced family law attorney right away.

Injunction – Domestic disturbances often lead to injunctions, also known as protective orders.  Injunctions are basically orders issued in civil court that prohibit contact between the parties because of violence or the threat of violence.  Many people do not contest injunctions at hearings, even if the allegation is untrue.  What those people often don’t realize, however, is that if the other person later accuses them of violating the injunction, a criminal arrest will occur and they will be prosecuted in criminal court.  Do not allow for an injunction to be placed against you without fighting back.  We have successfully represented clients at injunction hearings and are aware of how your rights can be impacted.

Paternity – Legal paternity is the identification of a child’s legal father.  A child does not have a legal father if the mother is not married when the child is born. Legal paternity must be established for the child, the child’s mother, and the child’s father, to enjoy the rights and benefits of fatherhood.  We can assist our clients, either mothers or fathers, with this legal process.